Malta 2014 Part 2


Day 3

Travelled to Mosta on the 31 bus route to the Mosta Dome.

A place of miracles during WW2 (9 April 1942) when a bomb came through its dome (St Marija Assunta Church) and didn’t explode with the church containing around 300+ people inside. Other bombs bounced off the outside of the dome into the square and also didn’t explode. A replica of the bomb is on display inside.

On our return to Buġibba after a great filling meal we went to watch Boċċi which is the Maltese version of the Italian game of bocce, French pétanque and British bowls. The main difference of this version is that the ‘balls’ aren’t round but cylinders like long baked bean cans that roll off in all directions when they land. The locals took it very serious but we just couldn’t stop laughing.


By Fred Hartshorn

Retired Engineer but now am a Therapeutic Counselor and charity volunteer. Ex DJ. MBACP, BSc(Hon), DipComp, DipCoun. Interested in books, computing, family and local history. Budding artist. and Musician.