Malta the return Home

Day 8

An almost leisurely breakfast and a ride in a minibus back to the Airport.

A dedicated Ryanair check in to Stansted. (Great)

Quickly through security and time for a coffee while we wait to for the Gate needed to be announced.

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Gate number called and it’s a short walk to passport control and on to the gate. Ryanair now take over and expect us to stand for over 3/4 hr in a queue even though the plane has not come in yet. Gate opens and we file out to another 1/4 hr wait for the bus. Hand in the cases again and we are off.

And back to England and the rain….

By Fred Hartshorn

Retired Engineer but now am a Therapeutic Counselor and charity volunteer. Ex DJ. MBACP, BSc(Hon), DipComp, DipCoun. Interested in books, computing, family and local history. Budding artist. and Musician.