WW1 POW’s return safely to Hinckley & Barwell


Released Hinckley Captives
Nearly 50 Hinckley prisoners of war have now returned home, including Sergeants B. Essex and W. Randall, Privates E. DiIlon, H. Hartshorn, W. Chamberlain, H. Simmons, H. Fletcher, F. Mills, E. Plant, T.S. Payne, T. Hunter, W. Greenway, C. Hands, W Timson, W. Bolesworth, Corporal H. Preston, Privates T. Garrett, G.Hands, E Holtham, A. Payne, G. A. Dare, J. Preece, Alf Harding, Corporal J. Bailey, Privates F. Paul, C. Burman, Edward Payne, D. Eheat, P. Brown, H. Higginson and W. Robinson.
Sergeant W. Randall, of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, captured in October 1914 states that when he left Germany for Holland in March of this year there were numbers of our men working in mines who had not seen daylight for 2.1/2 years.
Nine British prisoners of war – Captain L. Harvey, Privates Bowler, Bott, Geary, H. Clifford, Spetchley, Forman, Ward and Mawby – have been welcomed home to Barwell.

I have had access to local newspapers of the War years and came across this.

H. Hartshorn (Herbert) is one of my relatives. He was in the Leicestershire regiment.

By Fred Hartshorn

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