Another trip to Duxford

Return Trip to Duxford

I needed a hug, so my daughter asked us back to Duxford to meet up with her and the grandchildren. A brilliant day.

We headed for Concord as we had been too late on our last visit to go inside the cabin. I worked on the design and drawing of parts of the prototypes in the 60’s and saw the emergency parachute equipment on the schematic displayed in the cabin. I had designed a fancy ‘switch’ that needed to be turned and pulled to deploy the massive parachute to slow the plane down if it came in to land to fast. The switch was turned and pushed again to disengage the chute when stopped.

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By Fred Hartshorn

Retired Engineer but now am a Therapeutic Counselor and charity volunteer. Ex DJ. MBACP, BSc(Hon), DipComp, DipCoun. Interested in books, computing, family and local history. Budding artist. and Musician.