The Somme 1st July 1916


The 3rd & 4th Armys of Britain attacked the German 12th & 52nd Divisions, the 10th Bavarian Division, 2dn Guards Reserve & the 26th & 28th Reserve Divisions.

By the end of that day over 60,000 of the British were casualties with 1/3rd being fatal. This included 32 battalions with over 500 casulties each. The Accrington Pals (11th Lancs),  Leeds Pals (15th West Yorks), Glasqow Boys Brigade battalion & 1st Bradford Pals (16th West Yorks) were among those that suffered.

I am trying to track the Leicestershire Regiments and their involvement in this long tragic battle and hope to find where my Wife’s Grandad ‘Lance Corp Frederick Carter’ gained his injories which left him Blind.

By Fred Hartshorn

Retired Engineer but now am a Therapeutic Counselor and charity volunteer. Ex DJ. MBACP, BSc(Hon), DipComp, DipCoun. Interested in books, computing, family and local history. Budding artist. and Musician.