Stepping back into Carol’s Past.


Went to find the Cookley Equestrian Centre where my wife Carol was a Girl Groom in the 70’s. dscf2183

And we found it although the name and owner had changed.dscf2184

Carol got to chat to 3 of the current girl grooms, swapping tales and memories.

Silver War Badge

If a soldier was wounded or sick and was discharged from the army, they could be entitled to a silver war badge.

The main purpose of the badge was to prevent men not in uniform and without apparent disability being thought of as shirkers – it was evidence of having presented for military service, if not necessarily serving for long.


You would also get the King’s Certificate of Discharge.

This page from the Roll of Individuals entitled to a war badge, contains my wifes Grandad Frederick Carter – Leicestershire Reg no 32834 – enlisted 26.10.1916 – Discharged 10.01.1919 age 31, of wounds and served overseas. It was compiled in Lichfield. This is of great help to me as his service and pension records must be among the burned records that were destroyed in WW2.

Another trip to Duxford

Return Trip to Duxford

I needed a hug, so my daughter asked us back to Duxford to meet up with her and the grandchildren. A brilliant day.

We headed for Concord as we had been too late on our last visit to go inside the cabin. I worked on the design and drawing of parts of the prototypes in the 60’s and saw the emergency parachute equipment on the schematic displayed in the cabin. I had designed a fancy ‘switch’ that needed to be turned and pulled to deploy the massive parachute to slow the plane down if it came in to land to fast. The switch was turned and pushed again to disengage the chute when stopped.

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