Malta the return Home

Day 8

An almost leisurely breakfast and a ride in a minibus back to the Airport.

A dedicated Ryanair check in to Stansted. (Great)

Quickly through security and time for a coffee while we wait to for the Gate needed to be announced.

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Gate number called and it’s a short walk to passport control and on to the gate. Ryanair now take over and expect us to stand for over 3/4 hr in a queue even though the plane has not come in yet. Gate opens and we file out to another 1/4 hr wait for the bus. Hand in the cases again and we are off.

And back to England and the rain….

A grumble about Stansted Airport and Ryanair

It takes too long to get through all the queues then get to your gate.

Stayed at the Days Inn just outside the airport (great place to stay). Got up at 4:00am for a 6:45 take off to Malta.

Cup of coffee and no breakfast before leaving for the long stay car park a few miles away.

Queue to get in the car park through the barrier to get a parking ticket (but I’ve paid in advance, what do I do now?)

Find car park C, …… park; what now?

There’s a bus, should take 10 mins but takes more than that to go round the car park stops.

In the arrivals entrance – find Rayanair bag drop off – it’s 5:00 now. Big queues – free for all – is this the right queue? Wait, wait…

5:30 and we’re through, check information at the other end of the entrance hall to see if I parked OK as the blurb said I needed to register my car to avoid a parking fine … I’m OK they say….

Find security, massive queue… up one row, down the next, up, down, etc it’s gone 6:00. Up, down, We’re there, case up, take out electronics, money, watch, bracelet, belt, keys, liquids! and get through the detector without setting it off. The x-ray isn’t happy with the liquids as some are prescription items even though we have the paperwork for them …. send them through the x-ray again. OK, get dressed again and put everything away again. 6:20 and we still have to find which gate to get to… 54 .. where’s that…

Up the escalator, weave though all the shops selling stuff I don’t want. I’m hungry and thirsty, no I don’t want free samples or toblerones … 54 this way >>> down the escalator, up the next, more toblerones, W. H. Smiths grab a meal deal, down the escalator, up the next, and again and again, more toblerones, 6:40 and we’re at the gate, final call, but still a queue. Priority passengers push past… show our boarding pass… your bags will have to go in the hold – it’s free. Rush on to find our seats. We’re off…. at last.

No breakfast, tablets I should have taken, gone into the Hold. 1 bottle of water, 1 egg Mayonnaise sandwich, 1 bag of crisps that have blown up to a ball with the air pressure and I’ve gone deaf as usual so I can’t make out anything the stewardess says. ……………………… but after that it was a great holiday in Malta.

Malta 2014 Part 1

Our Holiday in Malta 1st – 8th Oct 2014

Travelled out from Stansted at stupid o’clock and arrived at Luca Airport, Malta at 10:00 british time and put clocks 1 hour forward.

Simon was waiting at the gate to greet us for our transfer to Buggiba on St Paul’s Bay where we met up with Anne, Sue, Derek & Laura.

Day 2 was a trip to Valletta.

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